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Mr Babache Performer Diabolo Pink



Price Checked 2024-06-20 09:18:44
Colour Pink
Brand Mr Babache
Highest Recorded Price £49.98
Lowest Recorded Price £49.98
EAN / Barcode 7611847007874


🎪 Hey juggling maestros! Unveiling the showstopper: the Mr Babache Performer Diabolo in a stunning pink hue! 🌸

What makes this diabolo the star of the circus? Let's dive in:

  • 💖 Popping Pink: A shade so vibrant, it steals the limelight every single time.
  • 🔭 Circus-Special: With a diameter of 16cm and size of 18.5cm, it's crafted especially for those grand performances, making sure even the farthest audience member is mesmerized.
  • ⚖️ Performance-Weighted: A bit on the heavier side, it's ideal for those special performances, ensuring your act always leaves a lasting impression.

Ready to elevate your juggling act? With the Mr Babache Performer Diabolo - Pink, every performance becomes an unforgettable spectacle! 🎉🎩

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