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QU-AX Onlyone Unicycle - Black

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Price Checked 2024-07-15 09:01:09
Dimensions 11.81 x 5.91 x 7.09 inches
Colour black
Brand QU-AX
Highest Recorded Price £113.03
Lowest Recorded Price £113.03
EAN / Barcode 4260025094668


🎩 Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the one, the only, the QU-AX Unisex - Adult Onlyone Unicycle in Black! A sight to behold and a ride to remember, this unicycle is designed for the daredevils, the entertainers, and the fun-loving souls out there! 🎩

🚴‍♂️ Quick Release: Featuring an aluminium quick release, adjusting your saddle has never been easier. Just a quick flick, and you're good to go!

🌟 Comfortable Saddle: With interchangeable corners, the comfortable saddle ensures a smooth ride, no matter how bumpy the road. And if you ever feel the need for a change, just switch the corners and voilà, a whole new look!

🖤 Brand: Brought to you by QU-AX, a name synonymous with quality and durability. Rest assured, you're in for a treat!

📏 Dimensions & Weight: With dimensions of 11.81 x 5.91 x 7.09 inches and weighing in at 13.23 pounds, this unicycle is the perfect size and weight for all your juggling adventures!

From the feedback of our satisfied customers, it's clear that this unicycle is a hit! Although one rider found the hard plastic saddle not to their liking and opted for a padded one, another was more than satisfied with their purchase, finding it perfect for their 12-year-old with long legs. A word of caution, though; make sure to inspect your package upon arrival, as one customer received a damaged product.

Ready to dazzle the world with your unicycle skills? Hop on the QU-AX Unisex - Adult Onlyone Unicycle in Black and let the fun begin! 🚴‍♂️🖤

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