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SUNDELY Triple Bearing Diabolo Set (Green)



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Colour Green
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EAN / Barcode 0605826973493


🎉 Unleash Your Inner Juggler with the SUNDELY® Triple Bearing Diabolo & Sticks String Pro Clutch Diablo Set! 🎉

Discover a world of fun and creativity with the SUNDELY® Triple Bearing Diabolo Set in vibrant green! This retro juggling toy is perfect for kids and adults of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to professionals. 🤹‍♂️💚

Why Choose the SUNDELY® Triple Bearing Diabolo Set?

  • 🔄 Unique 3-Bearing Design: The diabolo features a unique 3-bearing design, allowing it to spin up to 20 times longer than a regular diabolo. It's heavier than normal diabolos, which means it spins faster and more stable, enabling you to play more professional tricks!
  • 👀 Hand-Eye Coordination: Playing with the diabolo is a great way to help improve children's hand-eye coordination.
  • 🤹 Lightweight Plastic Handsticks & Super Smooth Strings Included: The set includes lightweight plastic handsticks and super smooth strings, ensuring a comfortable grip and optimal control during your performances.


Weight: 330g (approx. 0.73lb / 11.64oz)
Cup Diameter: 12.5cm (approx. 4.92 inches)
Length: 14.5cm (approx. 5.71 inches)
Number of Bearings: 3
Stick Length: 34cm (approx. 13.38 inches)
String Length: 3m (approx. 9.84 feet)
Colour: Green

Ready to juggle like a pro and have a blast while doing it? Order your SUNDELY® Triple Bearing Diabolo & Sticks String Pro Clutch Diablo Set today and let the juggling fun begin! 🎊

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