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Jester Diabolo Set with Wood Sticks (Red/White)



Price Checked 2024-04-17 20:06:57
Dimensions 5.51 x 7.09 x 10.24 Inches
Colour Red and White
Brand Juggle Dream and Cascade
Highest Recorded Price £19.95
Lowest Recorded Price £19.95
EAN / Barcode 5060991301734


Hey there, Juggling Aficionados! 🤹‍♂️ Ready to up your game in the world of diabolos? Feast your eyes on the Jester Diabolo Set with Wood Sticks—a delightful setup decked out in show-stopping Red and White! 🎪

Why Choose This Jester Diabolo Set? 🎭

  • 👌 Beginner-Friendly: New to diabolo juggling? This set is your perfect stepping stone! Designed by the iconic brands, Juggle Dream and Cascade, to bring out the juggler in everyone!
  • 🪶 Light as a Feather: With dimensions of 5.51 x 7.09 x 10.24 inches and a weight of just 0.84 pounds, you can take it everywhere you go!
  • 🎯 Stability is Key: The medium size and rim-weighted design make this diabolo incredibly stable but not a burden to carry—ideal for newbies!

What's in the Bag? 🛍️

  • 🤹‍♂️ 1x Jester Diabolo: Perfectly balanced for beginners, with its weight strategically distributed towards the rims.
  • 🎋 Set of Wooden Handsticks & Super Smooth String: Master the art of diabolo juggling without worrying about slips or snags!
  • 👜 Cascade Juggling Carry Bag: Carry your diabolo set in style with this super convenient bag!

Don't Miss Out on the Fun! 🎉 Grab your Jester Diabolo Set now and let's get juggling!

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