How does string length affect your Diabolo Tricks?

Date Posted: 2023-10-11
The length of the string plays a pivotal role in the execution and success of diabolo tricks. A shorter string offers more control and is ideal for quick, close-up tricks, while a longer string provides more room for tosses, swings, and aerial tricks.
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At a Glance!

String LengthAdvantagesDisadvantagesBest For
ShortGreater control, faster spinsLimited range for aerial tricksClose-up tricks, beginners
MediumBalanced control and rangeMight not be specialized for any trickGeneral use, a variety of tricks
LongMore room for tosses and aerial tricksLess control, slower spinsAerial tricks, advanced diabolo players
illustration showing a tall and short juggler holding a diabolo
The same length string will cause a tall juggler to bend over when performing “floor” tricks

Type of Trick

In my experience, the type of trick you're attempting to perform is a significant determinant of the ideal string length. For instance:

Close-up tricks

These often require quick spins and tight control. A shorter string is preferable as it allows for rapid movements without much slack.

Aerial tricks

These tricks involve tossing the diabolo into the air or swinging it in large arcs. A longer string provides the necessary range and flexibility for such manoeuvres.

Skill Level

Beginners often find it easier to start with a shorter string. It offers more control, making it simpler to learn the basics without the diabolo flying off in unexpected directions. As one's skill progresses, they might prefer a longer string to explore a wider range of tricks.

Height and Space

illustration showing a room packed with people comparing to a room with only 1 person and more space
If your performance space is rather small, consider using a shorter string. 

How tall are you?

Taller individuals might find a slightly longer string more comfortable, as it aligns better with their arm span and stature. Conversely, shorter players might feel more at ease with a shorter string.

Performance Space

The environment where you're performing can also influence the ideal string length. If you're in a confined space, a shorter string might be more practical to avoid hitting obstacles. On the other hand, if you're performing outdoors or in a spacious area, a longer string can be used without restrictions.

Personal Preference

Lastly, personal preference plays a significant role. Some diabolo players might feel more comfortable with a specific string length, irrespective of the type of trick or their skill level. It's essential to experiment and find what feels best for you.

Achieving the Ideal Diabolo String Length: Step-by-Step

A one-size-fits-all approach is not suitable when it comes to diabolo strings. Tailoring the string length to your height is crucial to prevent discomfort, such as backache.

Steps to Tailor the String Length to Your Height:

Step 1. Thread the string through both diabolo sticks.

Illustration showing 2 diabolo sticks with the string threaded through

Step 2. Lay the sticks on the ground and position your foot over them.

illustration showing person standing on their diabolo handsticks


Pull the string taut, extending it up to the lower part of your chin.

illustration showing the diabolo string is taught to the chin

Trim any excess string beyond this point.

illustration showing string being cut by a pair of scissors

Securely tie a knot at the end of the trimmed string.

illustration showing a knot tied at the end of the diabolo string

Slide one of the diabolo sticks to the string's end.

person holding the correct length diabolo string

Your diabolo string is now adjusted to the ideal length for your stature.


While string length can significantly affect diabolo tricks, the optimal length often boils down to individual preference, the type of trick, and the context in which you're performing. 

It's beneficial to experiment with different lengths to discover what suits you best and enhances your diabolo performance.

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