What are Diabolo Sets?

Date Posted: 2023-09-25
Diabolo sets are quite simply a diabolo package deal which usually consists of a Diabolo Toy, a set of Diabolo Handsticks, and string.
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Often advertised as “Diabolo Sets” or “Diabolo Packages”, today I'm going to go through some of the best Diabolo sets that are available to view/buy on Kings Juggler.

What are Diabolo Sets?

Diabolo sets (as they are often referred to) are just a complete package consisting of:

  • 1 x Diabolo
  • 1 x Set of Diabolo Handsticks

That's it! 

Obviously, that's not the limit, but try and see the Diabolo Sets as the “all in one” gift for that budding performer.

What else can be included in a Diabolo Set?

Over the years different manufacturers will often bundle more and more items with Diabolo sets and just over the last 5-6 years we've seen additional items included such as:

  • How-To Video
  • Carrying Bag
  • Spare Axles
  • Spare Diabolo String

Why Diabolo Sets make the best gifts

How many times have you given somebody a gift only realising that you need “something extra” before it works (such as batteries or a subscription)?  Diabolo sets abolish all of this, and ensure that your gift can be used immediately.

Cheapest Diabolo Sets

I've put together a few of the cheapest Diabolo Sets below (in price order).


I love this introductory set as it comes complete with everything you need and more.  Not only do you get the usual handsticks and Diabolo, but also a little carrying bag too.  


Next up is the Jester Diabolo Set, and for a set that's only £20 - I personally think this is a cracking deal.  Not only are the blue/yellow colours amazing whilst the diabolo spins, but the handsticks are made from Fiberglass - making them much easier to handle.

Expensive Diabolo Sets

I've never really liked using the word “expensive” as it gives the impression that an item/service is overcharged.  Generally speaking, if a Diabolo set costs “more” than others, there are some differences either in:

  • Diabolo Size
  • Axel used
  • Hand stick material
  • Additional Extras / Spares
  • High-Performance String

The next few items here are my picks for those who know how to “diabolo”, but still consist of everything needed to get started ASAP!


First off is the Juggle Dream LED Cyclone Diabolo Set.  Now, if you're anything like me, you know that when you add LEDs to a product, they instantly become at least 500% cooler.  This set does not disappoint, not only does the set come complete with Diabolo, Handsticks, and bag - but with the added flare of light-up cups making low light performances really hit the spot.


This particular set reminds me of the first-ever Diabolo Set I had.  Not only do the colours match perfectly with my first-ever Diabolo, but the sticks too!  It comes complete with the usual Diabolo and Handsticks, but also a carry bag that you can toss over your shoulder before taking your performance on the road.

Full Range of Diabolo Sets at Kings Juggler

We're working really hard at adding more and more Diabolo Sets to our website, so expect the list to increase over time.  We have the full list of sets available for viewing here.


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