Which Diabolo Sticks are the best for beginners?

Date Posted: 2023-09-02
In my experience, for beginners, the best diabolo sticks are aluminium sticks. They are affordable, have a small diameter beneficial for learning grinds, and their heavier weight helps slow down stick release tricks, making them easier to handle for newcomers.
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At a Glance!

Type of StickProsCons
WoodenAffordable, customizableCan cause blisters, less durable
AluminumAffordable, durable, beginner-friendlyString may snap where attached
CarbonFlexible, various diametersExpensive, breakable
FiberglassFlexibleLess durable compared to carbon

Diabolo Handstick Considerations

Handstick Weight

image showing a set of scales and 2 handsticks

Weight plays a pivotal role, especially in the speed of stick release tricks. The stick's speed in the air depends on its weight in relation to the diabolo's weight. In my trials, I found that lighter sticks might make stick release tricks so fast that they become challenging to catch. 

Ideally, I’ve found that sticks weighing around 95 grams strike a good balance for beginners.

AspectLight SticksHeavy Sticks
Speed of ReleaseFaster (might be too quick to catch for some)Slower (more manageable for many)
ControlPotentially less control in certain tricksGreater control, especially for beginners
DurabilityMight break or bend more easily with rough useGenerally more durable and resistant to damage
Ease of LearningCould be challenging for beginnersMore forgiving and easier for newcomers
Relation to Diabolo WeightMore affected by the diabolo's weightLess affected by the diabolo's weight
Recommended forAdvanced users who can manage fast movementsBeginners and those who prefer stable movements

Diabolo Handstick Material Overview

Material can significantly affect a diabolo stick's performance.

Wooden Handsticks

wooden handsticks header image
TypeBasic, often made from dowels
ComfortCan be uncomfortable with extended use and might cause blisters
CustomizationPossible; wrap with tennis grip to improve the handle


Aluminium Handsticks

PreferenceA personal favourite for beginners
DiameterSmall (excellent for learning grinds)
Weight BenefitsHelps in slowing down stick release tricks, offering better control
Potential IssueThe string might snap where connected at the top
Solution for IssueSanding the holes to smooth them and applying tape on the string before the knot


Carbon Fibre Handsticks

FlexibilityMore flexible than aluminium sticks
DurabilityProne to breaking
Recommendation for BeginnersIf prone to breaking sticks, it's advised to opt for a different material


Fibreglass Handsticks

header image for carbon fibre handsticks
Comparison to CarbonSimilar in terms of flexibility
DurabilityGenerally less durable than carbon sticks
Player PreferenceSome diabolo players prefer the feel of fibreglass
Recommendation for BeginnersApproach with caution


Length and Diameter of Handsticks

In my experience, the length and diameter of the diabolo stick are critical when deciding which is best for a beginner. Short sticks, measuring around 12” (or 30cm), offer more control and are easier to handle. These sticks also facilitate stick-release tricks and are more travel-friendly.

Letting it all Sink In.. Stick it to me!

In conclusion, there's no one-size-fits-all answer, but given all the factors, aluminium sticks are a solid choice for beginners

As you advance in your diabolo journey, you might find your preferences change, but starting with aluminium provides a sturdy foundation.

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