What's the difference between Diabolos and Yo Yos?

Date Posted: 2023-09-11
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Hey circus enthusiasts and juggling junkies! Have you ever been caught in the awe-inspiring world of juggling and wondered, “What on earth is that spinning thing?” or “Isn’t that just a fancy yo-yo?” Well, brace yourselves for a thrilling (and hilarious) dive into the vibrant universe of Diabolos and Yo-Yos. And trust me, it’s more than just a spin!

Quick Comparison of Diabolos and Yo Yos

OriginChinese spin toyAncient Greece
SizeLarger, more flamboyantCompact, pocket-sized
Main FunctionSpun using a string attached to two sticksUp and down motion on a single string
Performance VisibilityMore visible for larger audiencesBest for close-up displays
Trick VariabilityCan perform a variety of aerial tricksDiverse tricks based on string manipulation
PortabilityRequires more space, not very portableHighly portable, can be carried everywhere
Learning CurveSlightly steeperGradual, often seen as more beginner-friendly

Diabolos: The Dynamic Spinners

5 Diabolos Stacked, the colours from top left to bottom right are purple, orange, red, green and blue
Common Juggling Diabolos

Diabolos, not to be confused with that spicy sauce in your kitchen cabinet, are a fascinating type of juggling equipment. Originating from the Chinese spin toy, these double-coned wonders are spun using a string attached to two sticks. Let's dig in deeper.

Size Matters! Unlike its petite counterpart (the yo-yo), diabolos are larger, allowing for more flamboyant tricks and spins. Perfect for those looking to impress a crowd or maybe just your cat.

Catch & Release: While you might be content tossing and catching balloons, with diabolos, it’s about the tricks you can perform while it’s in the air! Ever seen someone juggle it like a boss on a unicycle? No? Well, you’re clearly not watching enough circus performances.

Glow & Fire: If you're a fan of playing with fire toys or mesmerizing glowsticks, then you'd be thrilled to know diabolos come in those variations too!

Check out more about diabolos here.

Yo-Yos: Not Just Your Grandpa’s Toy

4 x Yo Yo's - colours from left to right are: Black, Green, Pink, Transparent
Common Yo Yo Toys

Ah, the yo-yo! This classic toy is not just about the up and down; there’s an art to mastering it. Let's dive into its mysterious and amusing depths:

Compact & Travel-friendly: Unlike its hefty cousin, the diabolo, yo-yos can fit snugly into your pocket. Perfect for some quick tricks while waiting for your coffee or while riding a unicycle... oh wait, maybe not the latter.

String Theory: Okay, not the one physicists blab about, but yo-yos are all about the string manipulation. The world of yo-yos is vast, with various techniques and styles to explore.

Walk the Dog: And I don't mean taking your furry friend for a stroll. It’s a famous yo-yo trick. Though if you did walk your dog while yo-yoing, you'd be our hero.

To Diabolo or To Yo-Yo: That is the Question

While both tools offer a fantastic range of tricks and styles, your choice boils down to personal preference. If you fancy putting on a grand show, maybe the diabolo is your pick. If subtlety with a dash of cool is your vibe, the yo-yo it is!

Of course, if you want to up the ante, combine these with other cool items like poi or magic tricks, and voila! You’re the star of your own circus.


1. Can I learn both diabolo and yo-yo tricks? Absolutely! In fact, at kingsjuggler.com, we have resources for both!

2. Are there glow-in-the-dark yo-yos? Of course! Dive into our glowstick section and find the glowy magic for you.

3. Can I juggle with both diabolos and yo-yos? While typically juggled separately, if you've got the skills, why not? We're all for circus innovation.

4. Which is easier for beginners? Both have their learning curves, but yo-yos might be a tad easier to start with due to their compact nature.

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