What are Fixed Axle Diabolos?

Date Posted: 2023-09-14
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Roll up, roll up, dear circus aficionados! 🎪 Today, we’re diving headfirst into a prop that spins faster than a hamster on espresso: the diabolo! But wait! Before you picture a devilish creature with horns (wrong diablo, folks), let’s unravel the mysteries of the Fixed Axle Diabolo. Hold onto your juggling balls, because this is one spinning ride you won't want to miss!

The Diabolo – A Quick Throwback

Originating from ancient China and bearing a history as colorful as a hula-hoop convention, the diabolo has been fascinating audiences for centuries. But for those uninitiated: Imagine two glowsticks connected by a string with a giant yo-yo spinning in the middle. That's the diabolo for you!

Fixed Axle vs. Bearing – The Epic Showdown

There are two leading heroes in the diabolo universe: the Fixed Axle and the Bearing Diabolos. Today, we're putting the spotlight on the unsung hero: The Fixed Axle!

  1. Stability Is Key: Fixed Axle Diabolos are the Zen masters of the diabolo world. They offer unparalleled stability, ensuring you don't go whirling dervish during your performance.
  2. Simplicity at its Best: With fewer moving parts than its Bearing cousin, the Fixed Axle Diabolo is the epitome of the "Keep It Simple, Silly" philosophy.

Example of a Fixed Axle Diabolo


Why Every Juggler Should Try a Fixed Axle Diabolo

  1. Build a Solid Foundation: Just as you wouldn't start juggling with fire-toys (unless you’re blazing mad 😜), diving into diabolos with a Fixed Axle helps build a strong foundation.
  2. Easier on the Pocket: Generally more affordable, Fixed Axle Diabolos ensure you don't burn a hole in your pocket... unless you’ve stored your fire-toys in there. Oops!
  3. Diverse Tricks: Believe it or not, some tricks are easier (and look cooler) with a Fixed Axle, giving you the edge in the juggling arena!

Picking Your First Fixed Axle Diabolo

Ready to embark on the spin-tastic journey? Hop on to our diabolo section for top recommendations! Remember, the diabolo world is as varied as balloons at a kids’ party. Choose wisely!

Taking the Next Steps

After you've gotten the hang of the Fixed Axle, why stop there? The circus world is your oyster!

  • Add a poi spin to your act.
  • Ride high on unicycles.
  • Dabble in the world of magic (no wands required).


Q: Are Fixed Axle Diabolos suitable for professionals?
A: Absolutely! While they're great for beginners, many pros prefer them for certain tricks and performances.

Q: Can I convert my Fixed Axle Diabolo to a Bearing one?
A: It's a bit like turning a bicycle into a motorbike. While some kits allow conversions, it's often best to purchase them separately.

Q: I’ve mastered the Fixed Axle. What’s next?
A: Dive deeper into the world of diabolos or spread your wings (or arms) to other juggling props!

Q: How often should I replace the axle?
A: Keep an eye (not literally) on wear and tear. If you notice uneven spinning or wobbling, it might be time for a change.

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