What is Combat Juggling?

Date Posted: 2023-09-11
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Step right up, folks, and dive into the enthralling world of... Combat Juggling! 🤹‍♂️🥊 No, this isn't some strange mashup where you throw punches while juggling bowling pins. (Although, I'd pay to see that!) Combat Juggling is a real, competitive sport, where the aim is simple: Keep juggling while making sure others don’t! Let’s dive into the chaotic circus ring and find out more!

The Origins of Combat Juggling

Before we get into the "combat" part, let's remember the roots. Juggling, a skill beautifully showcased here, has been around for thousands of years. But as with most things, humans thought, "How can we make this more competitive and slightly more chaotic?" And voilà, Combat Juggling was born!

The Rules of the Game

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At its core, Combat Juggling is a lot like the classic game of dodgeball... but with a fun twist. Instead of balls, you’re dodging... well, other jugglers!

  1. The Basics: Every participant starts by juggling three clubs.
  2. The Objective: Knock out your opponent's clubs without dropping yours.
  3. The Catch: While you’re defending your clubs and trying to knock others out, you must keep juggling.

Sounds simple? Try doing that while dodging a rogue diabolo!

Tools of the Trade

Sure, you can combat juggle with the traditional clubs, but why stop there? The world of Combat Juggling has expanded, and participants now use:

  • Glowsticks: Perfect for those nighttime battles. Plus, who doesn't like a rave-themed juggle-off?
  • Poi: Swing, dodge, juggle, repeat! Poi adds a whole new spin (pun intended) to the combat.
  • Balloons: Less combative, more hilarious. Perfect for those wanting a lighter, fluffier battle.

Safety First!

Now, before you think of engaging in a fiery combat session with fire-toys, remember, safety first! Combat Juggling is fun, but like all sports, ensuring you're protected and aware of your surroundings is crucial.

The Ultimate Showdown: Combat Juggling on Unicycles

You thought Combat Juggling was the peak? Wait until you see it done on unicycles! It’s like playing chess on a tightrope during an earthquake - challenging, intense, and absolutely entertaining. If you thought juggling was a circus trick, adding a unicycle to the mix turns it into a full-blown circus extravaganza!

Conclusion: Is Combat Juggling for You?

If you love juggling, enjoy a bit of friendly competition, and don't mind occasionally getting smacked with a flying hula-hoop, Combat Juggling might be your next big thing! It’s an exciting, adrenaline-pumping sport that promises heaps of laughter, a few tumbles, and unforgettable memories.


Is Combat Juggling safe for kids?

  • With supervision and using softer props like balloons, kids can enjoy a milder version of the sport.

Where can I learn Combat Juggling?

  • Start with the basics of juggling here and then find local groups or online communities dedicated to the sport.

Do I need special clubs for Combat Juggling?

  • Standard juggling clubs work, but there are specialized clubs designed for the sport that can withstand more impact.

Can I incorporate magic into Combat Juggling?

  • While magic isn't a traditional aspect of Combat Juggling, who's to stop you from adding your own magical flair? Surprise your opponents with a trick or two!
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